Our Performance grass seed mix contains premium varieties of turf-type tall fescue, perennial ryegrass and  Kentucky bluegrass. All of the grass varieties have a very high heat and drought tolerance, high wear tolerance, improved disease resistance, including brown patch and pythium, and rate very high in national turf trials for dark color. The Performance seed mix does very well in up to 60% shade (z, thus making it ideal for a shade mix. Performance grass seed mix readily adapts to your sites specific needs (unlike using just a tall fescue mix or a shade mix or one for high wear... this does is all!). All varieties are chosen to blend together well to provide a beautiful turfgrass lawn. Often overlooked when comparing seed tags is the germination rate and weed seed. Our Performance mix has up to a 95% germination rate compared to most seed mixes which have 85% or less and this mix has no weed seed or other crop seed (such as poa, annua, bent etc.) making it a top of the line mix that will look great years after you sow it.   


Available in 50 pound bags