The most common question we get asked is which variety is right for me? To answer this we ask a series of questions:

Different turf mixes do better in different situations-- you may find you need something with more tolerance to the sun or something that stands up better to high traffic. In general however, all of our turf is designed to withstand the environmental conditions specific to the Cincinnati and the surrounding tristate areas.  Through many years of research and some trial and error we have learned what blends work best together. You will find that all of our turf varieties contain strands that are drought tolerant, disease resistant and sustainable in full sun to high shade conditions. 

Browse through our turf mixes to learn more about each one or give us a call and we'd be happy to help you zero in on your specific needs! 

As always, we recommend that your first step when considering new turf or diagnosing turf issues is to get your soil tested.

The size of our sod pieces are 2 ft by 4.5 ft, and weight about 45 lbs. per piece on average.