Calculating your square foot: 

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Each individual piece measures 2' x 4.5' (24'' x 54'') for a total of 9 square foot (1 yard) of coverage.

1. Measure the length and width of the area you are looking to cover in feet. Square areas are the easiest to calculate and if you can break down bigger sections into smaller sections you will have better luck finding the right measurements.


Area= L x W




What if it's not a square?

        Circle: Area= r² x 3.14                                        Triangle: Area= (b x h) ÷2




2. Once you've found the area of your section (in feet) you have the total square footage. If you want to find the exact number of pieces divide your total square footage by 9.

3. To calculate your price find your total number of square footage on the chart above and multiply by the amount given for that quantity.



40ft x 40ft = 1600 SqFt (Area) 

1600 ÷ 9 = 178 (Individual Pieces)