Order Pickup 

What do I need to transport my sod?

  • If you're moving small orders with a car or SUV we have plastic sheets you may use at no charge to protect the interior of your vehicle. If you're moving your order with a truck or trailer be sure to bring restraints or ropes required to safely haul your sod.

How big is each piece of sod?

  • Each individual piece of sod measures 2' X 4.5' with a total coverage of 9 sqft or 1 yard each.

What is the pallet deposit and do I have to take a pallet with my order?

  • When the sod is cut it is rolled and stacked on wooden pallets for moving and loading and each pallet can hold a maximum of 630 sq. ft. (70 yards/rolls). Each pallet taken requires a $20 refundable deposit paid at the time of sale.

  • You have 15 days from the day you take your pallets to bring them back for full credit or 30 days to bring them back for half credit.

  • It’s important to note that refunds are given in the same way in which they were paid (cash refund for cash deposit, credit card refund for cash deposit etc.).

  • You must have your receipt with the purchase date in order to receive deposit refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Can I fit a pallet on my vehicle?

  • Our pallets measure 48" X 48"

  • Most trucks with full size beds and trailers are able to carry pallets. Smaller trucks, trucks with caps, cargo vans and SUV’s cannot fit pallets. Please make sure your vehicle can fit pallets before paying a pallet deposit.

My vehicle is big enough to carry a pallet but can it carry the weight?

  • Full pallets (630 sq. ft.) weigh about 2300-2500 lbs. depending on the amount of moisture they are holding at the time and individual pieces weight around 30 lbs. each. Please be aware of your vehicles weight capacity.

I live far away or I don’t want to pay the extra $20 for a pallet; do I have to take one?

  • It is up to you whether or not you choose to take a pallet. For smaller orders they may not be necessary and our staff will be on site to help you hand load your order.

  • With bigger orders (450 sq. ft. or more) it is highly recommended that you take your sod on a pallet to make the loading process quicker and more efficient.

  • If you still decide not to take one you may be solely responsible for hand loading your order as this tends to cause delays and backups in the field.

I don’t have access to a truck or trailer; can I take my order in smaller loads?

  • If your vehicle is not large enough to carry your entire order at one time you can make as many trips as you need to get your sod home. Please plan ahead, split orders must be picked up in their entirety before cutting hours end.

  • If you need to pick up your order over multiple days that is okay as well. If you need to split your trips just be sure to tell us upon ordering.

  • Small orders (under 70 yards) can be arranged through our 3rd party delivery company.

         When is the sod cut?

  • All sod is cut to order to guarantee fresh turf and maximum time for installation.

Can I call ahead and place my order so it is ready when I get there?

  • Orders cannot be called in ahead of time and will only be cut after payment is made in full. Sod is cut on a first come first serve basis; the process generally only takes a couple of minutes depending on the size of your order, however back ups do occasionally occur.

Can I pay for an order over the phone and pick it up after cutting hours end?

  • No! We cut all sod at the time of pick up and orders cannot be cut or loaded (no matter how small) after cutting hours end. It is best to be here at least 15 minutes before closing to ensure your order can be cut that day.

It’s raining; can I still get sod?

  • Our ability to cut sod is always weather permitting. If it is raining or has been raining please call ahead before making your trip to be sure we are able to cut. Extreme heat or drought can also occasionally bring cutting to a halt.

  • During the summer season we run irrigation on our fields to keep them green and healthy and while we try our best to run water after hours occasionally we may be shut down for short periods of time to water or run maintenance. In any case it is recommended that you call and check on cutting status before you come.



I want to have my sod delivered to my home or job site; is this possible?

  • Yes, we deliver orders with a minimum of 630 sq. ft. (70 rolls/yards) throughout the week and limited hours on Saturdays depending on the season. Please call at least 3 days prior to the desired date of delivery to ensure a spot on the truck.

  • WE NOW OFFER DELIVERIES UNDER 70 YARDS THROUGH A THIRD PARTY CONTRACTOR- Call us to place and pay for your order then we will arrange to have your order dropped off. Delivery will be paid separately on site at the time of drop off.

How much does delivery cost?

  • Delivery fees are assed per truck depending on the distance the location is from our farm. Each truck can hold 12 pallets (840 yards) equipped with a forklift to unload and place your sod on your job. Delivery fees along with the order can be paid for over the phone in advanced by credit card or may be paid to the driver upon delivery.

Do I have to be home when my sod is delivered?

  • Someone over the age of 18 must be present at the time of delivery in order to sign the release allowing your sod to be unloaded past the curb. If no one is home, the sod cannot be left.

  • Sod should not be ordered or delivered until you are absolutely ready to put it down so having your order delivered in the morning and laying it after you get off work is not recommended; be on site and ready to install at the time of delivery.

I placed an order last week to be delivered today but it’s raining; what now?

  • Since all orders are cut immediately prior to delivery rain can delay or postpone deliveries so please be aware of the forecast on your scheduled delivery date. We try our best to get all orders out on time but mother nature is unpredictable and sometimes things happen that are out of our control. We will always call you if something changes with your order and do our best to reschedule your delivery for another day.

  • Infrequently extreme heat or drought can cause delay on deliveries, again we will always let you know as soon as possible if something may change your delivery date.


Installation and Care

Do you install sod?

  • No, we strictly grow and cut the sod to be picked up or delivered.

  • We work closely with many contractors and companies who have been installing our sod for years so we are more than willing to set you up with an experienced installer in your area.

Can't I just lay my new sod over my existing grass? I've always heard you can...

  • The short and the long of it are both a big no. Existing grass contains a lot of organic matter that, for starters, will not likely match the soil profile of the sod being installed along with the fact that decomposition from the existing grass develops an acidic slime that can cause you problems. In addition, you need to maintain an even grade and good soil to ground contact with no air between the ground and turf that would allow the roots to dry out and die. Lastly, water will never flow properly or with efficiency when turf is laid over turf.

Should I put down topsoil before I lay my sod?

  • People often think sprinkling an inch of topsoil down over their dirt is the magic fix all to any issues or concerns they might have with their dirt. The reality is it takes at least 4-6" of topsoil, well tilled in, to change the composition of your ground which is likely unnecessary and cost prohibitive. Providing your turf any less than 4" will cause the roots to stay in your thin layer of topsoil and never root in to the ground any further- meaning even well maintained sod would be able to be picked up easily even years down the road. Even with heavy clay soil it is best to require your roots to grow directly into the ground from the beginning and this is done by deep, deep watering and applying fertilizer before laying your sod.

  • Top soil is only needed when you are trying to correct issues with your grade, or in extreme circumstances where there is heavy, heavy rock present.

Why should I use a starter fertilizer? Don't you fertilize your turf?

  • Spreading starter fertilizer on the ground before you lay your sod allows the roots to drop more quickly from the dirt layer of the sod to your ground. Starter fertilizer enhances growth by placing a readily available supply of nutrients in a position where they are easily accessible to the limited root system. Even in soil with high fertility the root system may not be able to obtain the necessary nutrients due to lack of size and density within the soil.

  • We highly recommend the use of a starter fertilizer and have it for sale in our office in 25 lb bags.

I’ve never installed sod before; can I do it myself?

  • Laying sod can be labor intensive but is fairly simple to do. With the right knowledge and direction anyone can install sod. Please check our “Sod Installation Page” for detailed instruction or give us a call today.

When can I lay sod?

  • Sod can be cut and laid generally between the months of March and December, permitted there is not snow on the ground and the ground hasn’t entered a solid freeze.

  • Sod can be laid in the rain however it becomes very muddy, fragile and hard to handle so it is not recommended.

  • With the right care sod can be installed throughout the entire summer as well however, it is strongly recommended that installation be postponed in times of extreme heat and humidity. The transplanting process is already stressful on the sod; adding in extreme temperatures and high humidity greatly increases chances of sod being under watered or developing fungus.

I didn't give my sod enough water or the ground wasn't properly prepared; can I exchange dead sod for new sod?

  • No, there is no expressed or otherwise implied warranty on our turf. Sod must be properly installed and given adequate care especially during the adjustment period after installation. We cannot accept responsibility for improper installation, inadequate care, weather or other conditions beyond our control.

  • Ask for instructions on installation and care at the time of your order or check the “Sod Installation” and “Sod Maintenance” links on our website at any time.

  • Turpin Farms has high standards for our turf and we always do our best to deliver only the best and most fresh product to you; if you feel your sod is not satisfactory please be sure to give us a call immediately and before installation the same day.

I bought too much sod; can I bring it back for a refund?

  • No, all sod is cut and sold fresh and we do not offer returns on old sod for any full or discounted amount. This goes without exception, whether your sod was bought 20 minutes or 2 hours ago, all sales are final. For this reason it is important to properly measure and order your sod.